OrthoWedge Off-loading Shoe (Darco)

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The OrthoWedge off-loading shoe promotes healing by reducing weight from the forefoot and may be used for any condition from the metatarsal heads distally in which it is desirable to reduce body weight, such as ulcers, infections, trauma and surgery, the 15° dorsi-angle shifts weight back to the midfoot and heel.

The ankle strap eliminates heel slippage and removable forefoot closure eliminates buckle pressure and the wide base provides extra stability and the 10mm removable insole is fully customisable with over twice the padding.

The square toe design acts as a bumper to provide additional protection when K-wires are present, and it provides better universal left or right fit.

Indications for use of OrthoWedge

»  Used postoperatively after procedures to correct Hallux valgus, hammer toes/tailor’s bunions
»  Forefoot ulcerations

Features and benefits of OrthoWedge

»  Replaceable insole also available
»  Can be worn on the left or right foot

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