Peg Contour Insole (Darco)

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The Peg Contour is an effective insole system for plantar pressure relief in acute treatments. The pressure can be reduced by up to 55% and optimal pressure redistribution is achieved through the contours.

The soft lengthwise and crosswire sole covering is made of functional polyester and removable pegs allow for individual adjustments.

Available for the right and the left foot and compatible with the AllRound Shoe, MedSurg and Relief Dual.

Indications for use of Peg Contour Insole

»  For use after hallux valgus and small tow surgeries (Austin, Askin, Scalf, Weil, Hohmann)
»  Talipes valgus, flat foot splayfoot
»  Angioneuropathic changes of the foot in combination with mild foot deformities
»  Elective off-loading for:
»  Plantar lesions
»  Plantar ulcers/ulcer prevention
»  Pressure points

Features and benefits of Peg Contour Insole

»  3 dimensional insole system for pull pressure distribution as well as optional selective off-loading
»  Optimal pressure distribution through its transuerse arch and medial and lateral longitudinal arch

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AllRound Shoe, Medsurg & Relief Dual


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